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The steroid dianabol a.k.a. Anabol C&K has a very strong androgenic and anabolic effect which manifests itself in an enormous build up of strength and muscle mass.
Dianabol is simply a mass building steroid that works quickly and reliably.
A weight gain of 2 -4 pounds per week in the first six weeks is normal with dianabol.
When first introduced in 1960, dianabol , acquired a winning reputation among top athletes. It was nick named “The Breakfast of Champions” and dianabol soon became the most favored and most used anabolic steroid by athletes of all disciplines.
Dianabol , is an oral steroid with a great effect on the protein metabolism.
The effect of dianabol promotes the protein synthesis, thus it supports the build up of muscle.
This effect manifests itself in a positive nitrogen balance. Dianabol promotes calcium deposits in the bones and and has a strengthening effect on the entire organism.
In the USA dianabol was introduced in the 1960s by Ciba Geigy. The patent expired on the product and this is how a number of rival brands emerged with the same chemical constituents. Dianabol is a brand name and not a chemical name, therefore, any product containing methandienone, is now called dianabol, even though it may have another brand name, such as Anabol C&K.
Dianabol aromatises easily so that it is not a very good steroid when working out for a competition but, for those wishing to acquire raw size, it is a star among oral steroids.
Dianabol has a half-life time of only 3.2 – 4.5 hours. Meaning that you should take dianabol twice a day to enjoy a rich content in the blood stream.
Many bodybuilders ask if Dianabol can be taken alone. The answer is yes, but, truly great and fast results are best achieved when stacked with deca or sustanon.

Take 10 x 5mg tabs of dbol a day and 4 to 6 amps of deca a week and watch for some amazing results in strength and size.
Both Deca and dianabol rely on quality protein intake. Steak has a particular affinity with this combination and further contributes to raw power and growth.
Dbol and deca are a famous and winning combination.
Daniel Duchaine wrote in “The Underground steroid handbook”: “If you can’t grow on deca and dbol you’re not gonna grow anything, no matter how fancy it is”.

History of Methandrostenolone
Dr. John Bosley Ziegler was the first distributor of dbol to United States Olympic athletes. However, this was only done after he became suspicious at the 1960 European Championships that the Russians were doping their athletes. Of course, he was correct. After giving the methandrostenolone to US athletes, it became evident that the performance enhancing benefits of the drug were huge. Believe it or not, there was a cold-war doping battle, for years, until proper anti-doping testing was developed.

What is Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)?

Dianabol (or Dbol as it’s commonly known) is a historical steroid. It’s the second steroid to be produced after pure testosterone derivatives, and I don’t mean cypionate — I mean straight suspension.

In fact, dbol is essentially oral testosterone, except for two differences: one, it has an added double carbon bond at 1-2, and, two, it’s 17 alpha-alkylated (17aa). 17aa means it can enter the liver and pass into the body without being destroyed by the liver. At the same time, the added carbon bond is supposed to reduce aromatization, meaning convert less into estrogen.

Buy Dianabol (Methandienone) Anabolic Steroids Online Safely

What are the side effects of dianabol?

Although, originally, dianabol was designed to aromatize (convert to estrogen) less than testosterone, it ended up being a lot more estrogenic than first thought. It converts into a potent estrogen in the body, which explains the usual bloating, blood pressure, gynecomastia (gyno) and headaches caused by prolonged used.

With prolonged use, dianabol can be hepatotoxic; meaning, it can damage the liver and cause health problems. In addition, anecdotal evidence of back pumps have been related to possible problems with kidneys and blood flow issues. Therefore, it’s highly suggested you always use cycle-aids like N2Guard and Cardarine (GW-501516) with dbol.

Let’s list some of the major Side Effects Anabol® 50mg Methandienone, C&K Labs, China:
Blood pressure (hypertension)
Liver problems (hepatotoxicity)
Kidney problems (renal disease)
Estrogen spikes (high estrogen levels)
Bloating (water retention)
Gynecomastia (bitch tits)
Lastly, dianabol should NOT be used by women due to masculinising effects. Essentially, it will turn women into men and fast.

How to use dbol and at what dosages?

Dbol is used as a bulking steroid that produces mostly ‘wet’ gains (puffy look). It’s mostly added as a kick start to bulking steroid cycles during the first 6 weeks. This is done to allow for the longer ester injectable steroids to produce results, while the dianabol provides quick gains — strength, size, mass and confidence. It’s usually stacked with deca durabolin, testosterone or trenbolone.

Although it’s used as a kick starter to many bulkers, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a stand alone cycle. If used with Cardarine (GW-501516), aromasin, and winstrol, dianabol can become a stand alone oral cycle. Granted, the cycle will be short, maximum 8 weeks, but you’ll see some wet, hard gains, which will be worth the effort.

Dosages of dianabol vary depending on your goals. If you’re stacking with a long ester injectable steroid, you should be doing around 30 mgs per day, up to 50 mgs per day. If you’re using it in an oral only cycle, you can get up to 75 mgs per day, but you really have to be careful with the side effects.

There is a bridge theory, where you can use 10 mgs per day for months with little side effects or problems with HPTA. Having tried this, I can say that it’s only valid if you’re using it with an AI (aromatase inhibitor) like arimidex or a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) like nolvadex. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly bloated, even with a low 10 mg/day dose.

Can you give me some dianabol cycles?

I am going to give you 2 cycles to work with. An oral only dbol cycle, and an long-ester injectable steroid mix, as explained beforehand.

What are some dianabol trade and alternative names?

There are a lot of different names because the product has been on the market for ages.

dianabol ds
methan 50

Which labs produce dbol?

I’m going to list both UG labs and pharmaceuticals labs, as you can find both on the market today.

ciba laboratories
british dispensary
balkan pharmaceuticals
alpha pharma
body research
geneza pharmaceuticals
gs labs
bd gear
british dragon
asia pharma
swiss pharm

What are dianabol detection times?

In the past it was thought that methandrostenolone can be detected in the urine for 3 to 4 days, but new testing methods have showed you can detect it for up to 19-20 days. Interesting fact, I’ve had clients who tested positive for methandrostenolone metabolites 30 days afters stopping the last dose.

What is the half-life of dianabol?

The half-life is around 4 to 6 hours. Though, I’ve seen studies that pinpoint half life at around 5 hours. Therefore, you should take multiple daily dosages. Most bodybuilders split into 3 dosages: AM, pre-workout, PM.

What popular athletes have used dbol?

Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva admitted to using dianabol; though, there are plenty of other athletes using it, including all IFBB pros.

What forms is methandrostenolone sold in?

You can buy methandrostenolone in oral (tablets and capsules), liquid (oral) and injectable. The injectable version is rare, but it follows the same theory as winstrol. You can drink injectable version of dbol, as it’s 17aa.

Anabol C&K (D-Bol) Methandienone
The sex hormone dianabol a.k.a. Anabol C&K has a rattling active androgenic

and anabolic essence which manifests itself in an tremendous arm of strong suit and heftiness slew.
Dianabol is just a hoi polloi construction steroid hormone that whole kit apace and dependably.
A weight down addition of 2 -4 pounds per hebdomad in the low half a dozen weeks is rule with dianabol.
When start introduced in 1960, dianabol , acquired a fetching report among summit athletes. It was snick named ” The Breakfast of Champions ” and dianabol presently became the about preferred and almost exploited anabolic sex hormone by athletes of altogether disciplines.
Dianabol , is an oral exam steroid hormone with a groovy accomplish on the protein metamorphosis.
The essence of dianabol promotes the protein deduction, hence it supports the gird of muscularity.
This essence manifests itself in a incontrovertible atomic number 7 equilibrium. Dianabol promotes ca deposits in the castanets and and has a strengthening impression on the full being.
In the USA dianabol was introduced in the 1960s by Ciba Geigy. The unmistakable expired on the merchandise and this is how a turn of touch brands emerged with the like chemical constituents. Dianabol is a marque and non compos mentis a chemical substance distinguish, so, any longer merchandise containing methandienone, is at present called dianabol ,evening although it whitethorn suffer some other marque, such as Anabol C&K.
Dianabol aromatises easy so that it is non compos mentis a identical unspoiled steroid hormone when elaboration against a competitor merely ,against those wish to procure unsanded sizing, it is a starring among oral examination steroids.
Dianabol has a half life prison term of but then 3.2 – 4.5 hours. Pregnant that you should exact dianabol double a twenty-four hour period to bask a full-bodied capacity in the bloodstream.
Many bodybuilders postulate if Dianabol commode be interpreted unequaled. The respond is yes-man, merely, truly majuscule and degraded results area scoop achieved when bosomy with deca or sustanon.

Look at 10 x 5mg tabs of dbol a mean solar day and 4 to 6 amps of deca a calendar week and lookout man against approximately awe-inspiring results in lastingness and sizing.
Both Deca and dianabol trust on tone protein breathing in. Steak has a detail parallelism with this amalgamation and promote contributes to in the raw baron and growing.
Dbol and deca area a famed and victorious combining.
Daniel Duchaine wrote in “The Underground steroid hormone vade mecum” : ” If you can’t develop on deca and dbol you’re non compos mentis gonna turn anything, irrespective how envision it is.”


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