Ladygra 50 mg For Sexual Dysfunction

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Buy Generic Ladygra 50 mg Online To Treat Sexual Dysfunction from POWERALL PHARMACY

Order Ladygra 50 mg Tablets Online To Treat Sexual Dysfunction and Solve Impotence

Ladygra 50 mg Description
Ladygra 50mg is the safe, marketed by RSM Enterprises, gentle way to discover or to re-ignite the desire, the excitement and the sexual responses that make sex wonderful and rewarding. With Ladygra, intimacy is at the top of your priority list, with the heat turned up!

Ladygra addresses the top women’s sexual health concerns
-Increases libido or even restores lack of sex drive
-Improves levels of excitement during foreplay
-Benefits blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris
-Intensifies sexual sensation
-Speeds arousal and time to climax
-Strengthens orgasm, and increases likelihood of multiple orgasm
-Creates more frequent interest in, and enjoyment of sex
-Taking Ladygra? – Know what to expect

Buy Generic Ladygra 50 mg Online

Ladygra is scientifically formulated to provide intense sexual satisfaction for women seeking ultimate pleasure.
Ladygra works by increasing genital blood flow and vaginal compliance resulting in intensified pleasure during sexual activity.
Ladygra usually works in about 45 minutes
Ladygra works for 4-6 hours, so you can take your time
To get the fastest results, take Ladygra on an empty stomach or after eating a low-fat meal
Side effects

Like with all medicines, some people taking Ladygra may experience side effects. These are usually mild and don’t last longer than a few hours. The common side effects are :
-Facial flushing
-Upset stomach

If you have any questions about the side effects of Ladygra, be sure to ask your doctor. He can let you know if Ladygra is right for you. Keep Ladygra and all medicines out of the reach of children. Never exceed a dose of 100mg of Ladygra in any 24 hour period. In the event of an overdose of Ladygra urgent medical attention should be sought, go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency department. You must visit your doctor prior to using Ladygra to ensure that it is safe for you to use.


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