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Buy Natural Indigo Dye KIT, USA & CANADA Grown For Sale Online

POWERALL PHARMACY Natural Indigo Dye – Buy Natural Dyes & Natural Dye Extracts Online,

100 Grams = $50 USD

This natural indigo dye kit is packed with everything you need to create a bundle of permanent, dyed patterns on any plant-based fabric. We’ve gathered the finest quality ingredients and supplies for you: the beginner to intermediate dyer. May this kit inspire and challenge you to create new, beautiful work.


Naturally derived indigo pigment
All necessary activation and setting agents
Protective gloves
A blank cotton gauze bandana
Wood clamps and cotton cord
Illustrated instructions


Two five gallon buckets: one for dyeing, one for rinsing
A long mixing stick
Hot water


Buy Natural Indigo Dye KIT

For best results dye small pieces of natural fabric, or lightweight natural fabrics with open weave structure.
Dyes up to 5 lbs of fabric or a dozen garments depending on coverage and shade.
Prep your vat then wait 24 hours for it to mature before dyeing.
Vat stays viable for weeks, just stir and revisit.

WARNING: This kit contains Indigotin, Calcium Hydroxide, Iron Sulfate and Citric Acid which can be harmful if used improperly! Follow all instructions carefully.
Adult supervision required.
Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Dyeing with Indigo
Indigo is light-fast and does not require fibre to be mordanted beforehand, making it easier for you to dye cotton than most other natural dyes.

Indigo is also ideal for use in batik; unlike many other natural dyes that require a high temperature, indigo works at low temperatures and does not melt batik wax. It works quickly and you can get blue fabric after just 10 minutes in the indigo vat. Speed is useful for tie dye and shibori as there is not enough time for the dye to spoil the pattern by penetrating under the ties.

Using just indigo and a resist technique such as shibori or batik, you can create countless blue and white patterns with timeless appeal. Indigo, however, is a base for many other colours. It is almost essential for good greens and blacks and you can produce a wide range of greens by over dyeing indigo with yellow dyes such as weld or Persian berry. For attractive violets, purples and mauves, overdye it with madder or cochineal. Very dark indigo overdyed with madder and sometimes gallnut or iron produces good blacks.
Indigo is sold as a dark blue crystalline powder and is not soluble in either water or alcohol.
First you need to make it soluble in an alkaline vat where oxygen has been removed either by fermentation or with a suitable chemical. You then dip your fibre in the vat and the soluble indigo combines with the fibre. When you expose the fibre to oxygen in the air you will see it gradually change colour from pale yellow to green and then finally to blue, as the indigo dye reverts to its insoluble blue form. Seeing the colour develop in the air must have looked like magic to many early cultures, and this change in colour can easily get you hooked on dyeing blues


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